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April 30, 2008

Club Penguin Begins the Book Room Contest & More

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Hey guys! Cp is now starting their second annual book room contest.You have to create a story and send it in to enter.Heres billybobs details:

  • Starting Thursday, May 1 go to the Club Penguin Times and find the contest page
  • Pick a theme
  • Write your story (up to 500 words)
  • Submit it (you can copy and paste into the contest form in the newspaper)
  • Submissions will be accepted until May 7
  • 3 winners will be chosen and their stories added to the Book Room on May 30!
  • (click for full size)

Also cp now has ”big screen mode” the screen is much bigger as it use to be (on the normal cp from miniclip and the cp website not load.swf)

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April 29, 2008

Club Penguin New Poll & Cp Dc Update

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Hey guys for those of you wondering when the cp diving contest will be out it should be out in a few days.The final things id like to say about it is theres 8 contestants and the judges have been updated.Heres a pic.

(click for full size)

This video i think will be my best video yet.It is a edit and incase you dont know the diving contest series check out the cp dc 1 and the cp dc 2.This dc will be alot better than the old ones i made last summer because i got alot of new animation programs and they are working out great and im expecting the video to be out by this weekend.

Also cp released a new poll that you can vote at on the official cp website.

I like seeing contests in the news but what would be cool to have again that some of you may remember back in september 06 there was a funraiser in the news for a couple weeks for the lighthouse before it opened and you would pay 700 coins and you would get a white and red striped t shirt and non members could even do it.Thats what they should do again sometime.

Well heres the final cp dc logo if you havnt seen it yet.

(click for full size)

If you need help on finding rockhoppers key look at the post below.

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April 28, 2008

Rockhoppers Hidden Key Update

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Hey guys Rockhoppers key has now been released! You can now find it in the book room and going to the library.

One your there click Rockhoppers journal.

Now for the key go to the back of the journal and the key will be there.

(click for full size)

Once you get the key you can enter rockhoppers captain quarters!

They have finally released that long awaited multiplayer game! Its called treasure hunt.Heres a pic of the game.

(click for full size)

One last thing is the crows nest.Its like a look out area just go to the top of the ship and you can see an arrow pointing up.Put your cursor over it and a ladder will fall.

(click to view animation)

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April 26, 2008

Club Penguin Rockhopper Finding Tips & More

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Hey guys! Rockhopper is on mostly all the time somewhere during this party.Here are some tips on finding him easily.

1.Theres a 60% chance that he will be on a less crowded server to give non members a chance on seeing him.

2.When you see him on a server in one country and logs off he is usually on the next country.

3.If you see a server that is not usually crowded and it has a 4-5 amount of player icons he is probubly on that server.

4.Mostly on US servers.

Ive seen him a couple times today.Heres a few pics.

I also saw rockhopper playing tag wich i find pretty weird.Heres a pic of the words people were saying and as rockhopper saying tag.

Also if you see rockhopper click his player card and then the wink and he gives you a free backround.Its the rockhopper backround from last summer.

Dont forget the cp diving contest 3 video is on its way! Also the ickp or gwa decision video will be coming.

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April 25, 2008

Club Penguin Rockhopper Party & Sports Catolog Cheats + New Pin

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Hey guys! Cp updated with a huge rockhopper party,New sports catolog, and a new pin!

The sailor cap was brought back from last years rockhopper party.Its located in the plaza.

The new pin is in ski village.On the left there will be a red x.Put your cursor over it if it doesnt start digging and when it finishes digging a treasure chest pin should fly out.

Theres not any sports catolog cheats this month but they did create baseball items! You can wear a red or blue baseball jersey and buy a glove then even buy some bases for your igloo!

(click for full size)

Hope you guys enjoy the party!

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April 24, 2008

Club Penguin News + Rockhopper Update

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Hey guys! A new newspaper as come out on cp day and also free t shirts aree being given as a small sneak peak into rockhoppers party tommorow.

At the beach theres a barrel of free t shirts with a rare flower pot also for your igloo.

(click for full size)

As you know rockhoppers huge return party is being launched tommorow!

Also here is the info on the party: (click for full size)

One last thing coming tommorow is a new sports catolog! Its supposed to have baseball equipment this month!

(click for full size)

Also heres the upcoming events from now till may 9th.

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April 23, 2008

Club Penguin Sneak Peak & More

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Hey guys! Cp made a couple of new updates today.They made a new activity in fun stuff,A new comic, and a sneak peak to one of the upcoming rooms!

Heres the sneak peak billybob has posted for the room thats coming.

Also heres the new activity for fun stuff.Its another coloring pic.For full size go to the official website and go to community/fun activities.

Heres the new comic for this week!

(click for full size)

In Other News

If you guys still need help with the new mission you can either go to the post below or go to the new page on this site.Also i am working on the cp diving contest 3 video its going to be a huge vid! Get ready heres the full last logo.

(click for full size)

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April 21, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 7 Tutorial Walkthrough

Hey Guys! im gonna walk you through the new mission.But before that cp updated the missions folder to a electronic organizer for agents.

Ok ill put in the pics later first ill bring you through what i got so far.

Step 1: Talk to G until he points to the monitor.Then click the monitor of snow forts youll see the bear and the crab.

Step 2:Go to gadget room and pick up the life vest.

Step 3:GO to the dock and the blue penguins will have the target and ask for it they will make you play a game.You will have to throw snowballs at the target three times until they give it to you.

Step 4:Give the blue penguins the life vest you picked up.

Step 5:Go to the invention cabinet thats at the hq on the left of the scanner to get into the gadget room and with the code decoder on the bottom right of your screen enter the word ”key” with the code decoder into the lock and pick up the item in the cabinet.Remember the lock word is ”key”

Step 6:Go to the ice burg and use the magnet and get the spring in the middle of the water.

Step 7:Go to the hq then gadget room and place the spring in ice on the test chamber,Hit the lever and press the flame button to melt the spring and press the lever again and put it back in the inventory

Step 8:Talk to the penguin with the propeller cap and ask for the prime gear poster then put it in your inventory

Step 9:Go to ski village talk to the penguins with the melted snowman they will talk about snow forts having the best snow.Go to the beach go to the penguins laying down and pick up the green bucket then go to snow forts to fill it up.(put back in inventory)

Step 10:Now go to the pizza parlor and pick up the music sheet on the floor near the piano

Step 11:Go tot he stage and put the sheet on the piano stand at the stage and play it with the colors until the puffle comes out.

Step 12:Show the blue prints from the propeller penguin to the yellow puffle to draw.

Step 13:Give it the snow from the bucket

 Step 14:Now go back to the test chamber in the gadget room and put the gear created from the puffle there on the machine and press the lever and press the snowflake button then hit the lever again.

Step 15:The gear should now be hardened and now go to snow forts

Step 16:Click the clock to get behind it and now you have to enter put the gear in the center for it to spin and the spring on the top left and the target on the outside left.

Step 17: Leave the tower you will get a call from the bear then talk to g and thats it!

Hope this helped ill be adding pics and making a video tutorial soon!

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Please do not copy my tutorial or post links to your site in the comments.Thanks

April 19, 2008

Club Penguin Is Down + Info & More

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Hey guys cp is trying to fix some important bugs thats been occuring since the new servers.Some of the bugs are:

1.Buddy bug (you add someone then they are off your list when you log back on)

2.Chatting bug

3.Name bug (you may see people with these strange names like people have names like ”3” and when you create a penguin they are mostly all transferred to penguin with numbers after it)

4.Missing items bug (You buy something and it is gone when you log back in)

Also the free item from the people who joined the test servers.

In Other News

Cp diving contest is being worked on.Its coming out really good so be ready for the awesome video! 3 people have been added to the diving contest.Wwe Adam,Chava713, and Gesert1.The video should be done in  a couple days.Heres the final logo to the cp dc.

(click for full size)

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April 18, 2008

Club Penguin Furniture/Igloo Cheats For April

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Hey guys! Here are the cheats for the april 2008 furniture catolog and igloo catolog!

For the palm tree click the palm tree displayed in the top left on page 1.

For the birthday cake click the refrigerator.

For the big screen tv click the lcd tv.

Now for the igloo cheats.Click the piece of wood/crowbar sticking out on the floor removal sign for the secret stone igloo.

For the deluxe secret stone igloo click the door on the deluxe snow igloo.

Hope these cheats helped guys! If you would like to see the full furniture catolog click the animation below.

(click for full size)

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