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May 2, 2008

Clothing & Wig Catolog Cheats

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Hey guys this months clothing catolog is by far the best in months.They brought back the crown and also made a new one.Heres this months cheats for the wig and clothing catolog.

Clothing Catolog

Click the dragons arm/hand and get a crystal staff.

Click the emeral hat for the woodsman hat.

Get the cheesy tie by clicking the casual suit.

As the monthly secret.The viking helmets, Click the bunny boa for the red viking helmet and open and close the red 3-4 times for the blue.

Wig Catolog

Theres only 1 cheat in the wig catolog but its for the new spikdette wig! Click the original spikster wig and get the new pink spiked hair.

Click the penguin with the white admiral jackets eyes to get the green snorkel in clearence.

Cp did really good on the catologs this month.I think a good one was the firestriker wig.

(click for full view)

Hope this helped.Come back next time for more cheats.

See Clothing Catolog

See Wig Catolog

Also theres a note at the end of the clothing catolog.Just pull down the ”How do i get coins box and there will be a note to click.

(click to view animation)

(Click for full size)

Waddle on




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  5. go to the “how do i get coins?” thingy in the end of the catalog and drage it down.

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  13. […] If you need help on the cheats for the wig or clothing catolog look at the post below or click here! […]

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