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June 28, 2008

Club Penguin Igloo Feature

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Hey everyone! Cpip just announced the new igloo feature.You will be able to have a backround outside your igloo!

Heres a quick screenshot.

Cp is also working on the other features such as penguin mail,player card updates,bug scquashing and alot more so we got to be patient.

In Other News

I am working on a new video and i think you all will enjoy it.I’m keeping it a suprise,It will be a series and right now im currently working on a trailer for it.

Also i have made a fan’s page.You can check it out now to the right.You will be able to send in fan art that you may have made and the best one received for the week will be posted here on the home page! For more information visit the fan’s page.

Heres a quick example on the type of fan art that can be sent in.This was made by rocker4689.I think he did a great job on this picture.Here it is.

(click for full size)

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June 27, 2008

Sports Catolog Cheats & Rockhopper Arrives

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Hey everyone, Today Cp updated a new sports catolog filled with sports and rockhopper returns from his big party a while back.There has been some problems with the loading into the migrator but if you have not been able to view what rockhopper brought you can always see it in the SWF file by clicking here.

(click for full size)

Remember the 2007 pirate coat? Well now theres a new one except its gray! Also the parrot is back.

Now for the Sports Catolog Cheats:

There are new cleats availible! You can get yourself a pair by clicking the soccer ball!

Now for the silver surf board as usual click the penguins surf board to the right till its pink then click the shell and starfish.

Well thats it for this weeks friday updates! Hope this helped.

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June 23, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 8 Guide

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Hey guys! The new mission 8 has come out! I will guide you through the mission so dont worry.The name is mysterious tremors.

Heres the walkthrough guide.Hope this helps:

1. Talk to G at the beginning

2. Go to the dock.

3. When you get there your going to talk to herbert                                                                                        

4. He shows a map,But it gets cut.

5. After Herbert Leaves, follow the map.

6. One piece of the map is  towards the Night Club. Don’t worry about that just yet..

7. Follow the other piece going away.                                                                                                              

8. It flys into a persons newspaper. Now you should talk with them.

9. They will want a pizza, so go to the Pizza Parlor and buy them a quick pizza.

10. Give the pizza to the map, but itll get cut, and they will give you their newspaper.

11. Take the piece of the map out of the newspaper and put it into a blank slot.

12.  Now go to the Coffee Shop. Help with cleaning up the cookies. Then you get offered some cookies.

13. Take one of the cookies, and give it to the puffle in the town. He will try get it.

14. He wont make it and he comes down and says he could fly if he had a bigger hat.

15.Go back to the HQ and you will see a propeller cap around G.Pick it up and that is a good size hat for the puffle so you will bring it back over to the puffle.

16. The puffle you give the hat to will get the map piece down for you 

17. Now you will have to go back to the dock and go into the cave you will see.

18. Now follow the directions in the messege we found and click the holes in the directions of the messege.   (Once you enter first hole use night vision goggles)  

19.Now you use the spy phone wrench to unscrew the pipe on the gift shp door.

20.Now go to the lighthouse and get the net outside and the balloons inside.Also get the tent nails in the sports shop. Also go to G and ask for his super helium   and some cream soda.(Helium found near test chamber)

21.Now blow up the balloon with the helium and shake up the soda and get it under the gift ship for a lift.

22.Fill the balloon and put it on the right side of the gift shop above ground.

23.Put net,hammer,nails all on it now.

24.Go through the opening youll see under the cave.

25.Talk to herbert in the boiler room.

26.Now you will have to fix the pipes in the boiler room.Connect them from the top left to the bottom right.

27.Now you talk to G at the HQ and you completed mission 8!

Hope this helped!

Later today i may have a quick video tutorial or some pictures for you.

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June 21, 2008

New Club Penguin Music Video

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Hey guys GWA just made a new music video witht he song are you ready by 3 days grace.Check it out.

Click it if you would like to comment or rate!
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June 20, 2008

New Furniture Catolog + New Pin

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Hey guys! Theres alot that happened this week.Cp just updated a new furniture catolog wich ill go over the cheats and also a new basketball pin but theres a sign you may see in the town about a earthquake.You can go to any of the town rooms like coffee shop, night club, gift shop and their all affected.Heres the cheats for the new catolog.

Looking for a cool inflatable? Click the penguin surfing on the beach towel for the dragon inflatable.

To find the clam, You can click the sea weed and you will find it.

As cp brought back the recycling bin and the sunset painting there is still another come back! Click the sunset in the sunset poster for the returning red lava lamp.

Now for the new pin, Go to the pizza parlor and in the bottom right corner where the stove is you will see the basketball pin.

Now back to the earthquake, Heres the sign you will find in the town.

You can look in some of the rooms around and find some damage from the earthquake.Heres a quick pic from the coffee shop.

Also mission 8 will be coming soon so look out for that.I will guide you through the whole mission when its released.

Hope these cheats helped.

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June 19, 2008

New Newspaper & Mission 8 Messege

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Hey guys! Theres a new newspaper just released in cp.Also theres a messege for the mission 8 coming for all the agents! Lets go through the info for this weeks penguin times.

Well the water party has ended.Hope you all enjoyed it! I thought it was a great experience on cp to have.

Also in the news you will find the review pics page of the water party,Click the one with klutsy the crab with the decode symbols under it.You will find a messege you will need to decode wich you see the 3 puffles on the picture.

(click for full view)

Once you decode it it is asking to turn those puffles to red so keep clicking all of them till they are red then you get this messege for mission 8.

For the upcoming events we have alot of excitement coming.Here they are.

June 20th:

There will be a new furniture catolog with the beach theme and also a new pin hidden.

June 27th:

New sports catolog will be released.

July 1st:

Fireworks set off to kick off the july celebration.

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June 18, 2008

The Crab Has Returned

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The crab that we saw last year create the crack in the window of the pool is back again! Heres the times the crab appears:(He appears every hour or half an hour) Like this:

The pool at 2:00 Penguin time

The mine at 2:15 Penguin time

The pool again at 2:30 penguin time

The mine at 2:45 penguin time

The pool at 3:00

In Other News

Sorry i havn’t been posting it’s because I been working on a new video.Also been testing out some programs and i bought a few to.So be ready for my upcoming  video!

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June 13, 2008

Club Penguin Water Party 2008 Cheats

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Hey guys! Theres a new party on cp thats right the WATER PARTY is back.Here are the cheats for the party.

You can get the returning yellow duck thats from a couple years ago at the cove!

You can get last years ice cream making apron in the plaza! Want free ice cream?

Find this new cool shell necklace at the beach!

Theres also a new play at the stage! Check it out! Heres a quick pic of the stage.

(click if you want to see full view)

Well thats all the cheats for this party.Enjoy and have a great time at the water party! Also if you want to see a cool thing.Remember last years whale at the ice burg? Well go to the ice burg you will see a blue thing sticking out to the left of your screen.Click it and you will see what happens!

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June 12, 2008

New Penguin Times Newspaper & More

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Hey guys! The new newspaper has just been released! They go over a couple of great informatiom for the summer.Check it out.

The water party is coming! Thats right tommorow! Is the yellow duck coming back from the picture?

They also talk about some things that are coming this summer! Like contests,Items,Party’s,I can’t wait for them! Can you?

Cp added a little spice to the upcoming events this week.Here they are.

(Click for full size)

Come back for tommorows cp cheats!

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June 11, 2008

New Comic & New Fun Stuff Page Update

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Hey guys! Cp just made a new comic and also made an update to the fun stuff page!

Heres the new comic that just been released.

(Click for full size)

Also fun stuff has been updated on cp’s website with some new flash features, Heres a pic.

Also if you didnt see the new GWA edited video check it out!


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