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June 6, 2008

Clothing Catolog Secrets & New Pin

Filed under: club penguin cheats — Gator360 @ 6:46 am

Hey guys! Cp has just updated with the new clothing catolog for june to kick off summer! Also the new pin is released. Heres the cheats for the catolog.

Click the flower for the red viking helmet.Open and close it 4 times to get the blue.

Click the meter on the new divers suit for the returning divers helmet.

The crystal staff is still hiding from us.Click the around the diamond on the crown to get it.

You can find the woodsman hat that came for the first time last month by clicking the belt buckle of the night armours suit.

If you want the awesome cheesy tie just click the pouch on the overalls.

For the pin thats been released.Its been put in the forest.Its an ice cream cone this week! You can find it hiding in the trees in the forest.

Hope these cheats helped!

Waddle on







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