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August 29, 2008

New Furniture Catolog & New Pin

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Hey guys today cp updated with a phenominal new furniture catolog bringing back some of the coffee shop items like the coffee shop sofa.Well lets look over the cheats for today.

Lets start with the pin location.FInd the pin in the boiler room in the bottom right area.

The pin is a 150 syymbol celebrating the 150 issue of the penguin times!

Now for the furniture catolog cheats.

Click the lava lamp for the legendary blender.

Need a guitar stand to help hold up your guitar? Click the piano!

In Other News

I am starting a new video today or tommorow wich will be edited and in honor of a year since the last video was posted on the topic i hope everyone will enjoy it i hope to have it posted in a few days.

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August 28, 2008

New Penguin Times & Furniture Catolog Sneak Peak

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Hey everyone! Today a new issue of penguin times was released but it wasnt an ordinary issue it was the 150th issue of the penguin times! Nearly 3 years 150 weeks!

Basicly this issue is going over some memories and the closing of the great penguin games that were held wich i admit was one of the best cp parties cp ever made.

Also billybob just posted a sneak peak of tommorows furniture catolog!

Do you know what those parts are really from?Check back here tommorow for the cheats!

In Other News

I am starting a new video today or tommorow wich will be edited and in honor of a year since the last video was posted on the topic i hope everyone will enjoy it i hope to have it posted in a few days.

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August 22, 2008

Club Penguin Games 08 Cheats

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The penguin games have arrived! Thats right cp’s olympics! Heres the complete guide youll need for the games but first the red vs blue is once again back and the facepaint has returned after 2 years!

You can find the red facepaint in the paint tray in the coffee shop!

Find the blue facepaint in the pizza parlor on the paint tray for all the blue team fans!

Now for the penguin games!

As you can see your medal at the top right of your screen near the mod symbol.

For the marathon go to ski village and wait for the screen to say go under the starting mark and once you go stop at each light until it lights.(You will finish at the cove)

Now go to the ice burg and run the 3 lap race and watch the screen at the starting mark to say go and watch the lap your on.(Stop at each light)

Now head to the pool and stand on the purple line to the right and wait for the go sign on the screen and run 5-6 lengths back and fourth to each side.

Thats all! Now claim your prize.

You will receive a gold medal! Heres what it looks like on xTFDx aka rocker 619.

Hope this helped!

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August 21, 2008

New Newspaper & More

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Hey everyone! A new penguin times just been released and i will be going over the important facts it has gave.

Basicly the whole newspaper is talking about tommorows penguin games! Its CP’s version of the olympics.

Heres the upcoming events for the next couple weeks.

August 22-The penguin games!

August 28- Cp times celebrates 150 issues.

August 29-A new pin will be hidden and a new furniture catolog will be released.

September 5-New clothing catolog and wig catolog!

September 12-Gator360s 2 year date.(Possible party for also getting 500,00 hits and nearly 4000 subscribers.

In other news

I am currently working on a new video and plan to finish in a week or 2 so be ready for a great new video coming from GWA.

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August 15, 2008

New Igloo & Sports Catolog Cheats & New Pin

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Hey everyone cp just updated with a great sports and igloo upgrades catolog also with a new hidden pin so i will be going over the cheats of todays update.

The new pin is hidden in the stage on the right balcony and it is a dodge ball pin because the stage play is about dodge ball.

Now for the great igloo upgrades update here are the cheats for it.

Click the door to the deluxe snow igloo to get an awesome deluxe stone igloo.

To get a small secret stone igloo just click the piece of wood being peeled on the floor removal page.

Thats the cheats for the catolog but there is an incredible ship igloo you can now buy!

Also the gym has now come back on the first page of the igloo upgrades!

Now for the sports catolog cheats!

To get a cool orange football helmet click the top right pom pom on the pink penguin.

Now for the legendary silver surfboard make sure the penguin holding a surfboard to the right is holding the pink board then click the starfish and shell.

Hope this helped!

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August 12, 2008

New Gator360 Video Sneak Peak & More

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Hey everyone i’m just going to give everyone an update on some of my upcoming videos.I know alot of you been asking when is day of darkness coming out? Well it will come out late auguest/ early september.How ever on my channel i will upload some sneak peaks/trailers/teasers of day of darkness as me and rocker4689 and others work on the series.I will also post sneak peak pics of dod here to.Unfortunetly day of darkness is not all i will be working on through out now and when its all done.I will be adding new features to this site and some other great videos because i know when it was taking me a while to finish the diving contest 3 back in may some of you thought i quit video making.Day of darkness will be s very complicated and big series to make but thats why i am asking for some great talented people to also help me go through making it for good illustrations and storylines and to get it all done quicker than if it was just me.Another question you may have if you entered to be in dod through a video response to my promo or through the day of darkness page is that the people in the series are not increasing wich is because im still going through checking emails for a few more spots for episode one then ill add more as episodes increase.

Now with all that said heres a sneak peak for an upcoming video coming in 1 or 2 more videos i will upload that i recently just sketched wich it may be edited more still not knowing if it is exactly what im using for the video.

 (click for full size)

Your probably thinking why in the world is there a mcdonalds in this video!? haha well guess of what you think this is all about and keep checking back here or my channel for the video. (Note:THIS IS SEPERATE FROM DAY OF DARKNESS)

Subscribe to my youtube if you havnt to keep up with all the latest gator360 GWA videos at:

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August 10, 2008

New Aqua Grabber Level

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Hey Everyone Theres A New Aqua Grabber Level Out Heres A Pic Of It.


Go Check It Out

 Keep On Rockin ~Rocker619

August 8, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Cheats

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Hey everyone i am sorry about posting late and i havnt quit.Right now im on vacation and will be back next tuesday and get this site back up to date.

Today i am giving credit to Wwe Adam because i dont have enough time for the cheats today.

If you click the steering wheel, you will find the life ring, for igloos.

For the scavenger hunt, the first boat is at the dock under the wooden boards.

The next ship is at the  beach under the rocks.

The next piece is at the ice burg, which is the big block of ice on your map.

The next paper ship is at the bottom right of the cove.

For the next boat, visit the mine shack which is the place you go after you are done cart surfing.

Visit the coffee shop for another boat.

The next to last paper ship is at the pool in the windows.

The final boat is at the pet shop, near puffle round up!

Now that you have all the pieces, press the “Build the blue prints” button.

Now build the blue prints to look like this:

Claim your prize from Rory which is a blue prints background!

This is probably the last time ill be doin this i will be makin my own posts once again soon when i get back.

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August 4, 2008

Missed Cheat

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Hi Everyone Sorry I Missed This One Cheat Here It Is.

Click It To Get A Red Electric Guitar

Thanks Everyone

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August 2, 2008

New Aqua Grabber Spoiler + New Author

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Hey everyone this is rocker 619 I will help with posts whenever Gator can’t. Heres a Aqua Grabber sneak peek!

Thanks everybody

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~Gator360 and Rocker619

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