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August 15, 2008

New Igloo & Sports Catolog Cheats & New Pin

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Hey everyone cp just updated with a great sports and igloo upgrades catolog also with a new hidden pin so i will be going over the cheats of todays update.

The new pin is hidden in the stage on the right balcony and it is a dodge ball pin because the stage play is about dodge ball.

Now for the great igloo upgrades update here are the cheats for it.

Click the door to the deluxe snow igloo to get an awesome deluxe stone igloo.

To get a small secret stone igloo just click the piece of wood being peeled on the floor removal page.

Thats the cheats for the catolog but there is an incredible ship igloo you can now buy!

Also the gym has now come back on the first page of the igloo upgrades!

Now for the sports catolog cheats!

To get a cool orange football helmet click the top right pom pom on the pink penguin.

Now for the legendary silver surfboard make sure the penguin holding a surfboard to the right is holding the pink board then click the starfish and shell.

Hope this helped!

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