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August 22, 2008

Club Penguin Games 08 Cheats

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The penguin games have arrived! Thats right cp’s olympics! Heres the complete guide youll need for the games but first the red vs blue is once again back and the facepaint has returned after 2 years!

You can find the red facepaint in the paint tray in the coffee shop!

Find the blue facepaint in the pizza parlor on the paint tray for all the blue team fans!

Now for the penguin games!

As you can see your medal at the top right of your screen near the mod symbol.

For the marathon go to ski village and wait for the screen to say go under the starting mark and once you go stop at each light until it lights.(You will finish at the cove)

Now go to the ice burg and run the 3 lap race and watch the screen at the starting mark to say go and watch the lap your on.(Stop at each light)

Now head to the pool and stand on the purple line to the right and wait for the go sign on the screen and run 5-6 lengths back and fourth to each side.

Thats all! Now claim your prize.

You will receive a gold medal! Heres what it looks like on xTFDx aka rocker 619.

Hope this helped!

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