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March 13, 2009

Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day Party Cheats

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Top of the morning to you! The St. Patrick’s Day Party is here, so let’s get started with the cheats.

Go to the Coffee Shop to pick up a Leprechaun Hat.


Head to the top of the mountain to pick up the newest pin.


There is also an accordion for members only.


Thats all of the cheats!


March 12, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue 178

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Club Penguin has released the newspaper! The Saint Patrick’s day party starts tomorrow, and Club Penguin will go green! Members will be able to go underground through a secret entrance in the Forest; the tree stump.


The Penguin awards start next Friday! There will be a special member party for the event on March 20th. The whole events for members.


The snow sculpture contest I mentioned yesterday is still going on. If you want some info on that, click here. Anyway, check out the upcoming events.


Saint Patrick’s day party and a new pin tomorrow! Who’s excited to go green? Let me know what you plan to do to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day!

CREDIT: Chrisdog93


March 6, 2009

White Puffle and Penguin Style Cheats

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TGIF! The White puffle has been released for members only 😦


First, click on the pot of gold in the background to get a pot o’ gold.


Now click on the word “MORE” in the penguin awards page for a boa.


Next, press the “FE” in coffee for the spikester.


Lastly, press the “R” in clearance for the fruit headdress



March 4, 2009

Penguin Play Awards – Info & Sneak Peek

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From March 20 – April 9, the first Penguin Play Awards event is here. You will be able to vote for your favorite plays in several categories.

Here is a sneak peek:



March 3, 2009

White Puffle and St. Patrick’s Day Party Spoiler

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I guess the rumors are true, white puffles will be arriving in the Pet Shop on friday from the Adopt A Puffle catalog!


This is a picture the St. Patrick’s Day Party.


Be here for all the cheats & more!


March 2, 2009

Real Rockhopper Tracker – 100% accurate

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Club Penguin HQ has made a real Rockhopper tracker! Check the image below for his location.

Refresh the tracker by clicking here Rockhopper Tracker
This tracker is automatically updated so just keep refreshing!


Cpclubpenguin is using Twitter!

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If you are using twitter be sure to follow us for special updates, behind the scenes, and more Club Penguin related fun! Sometimes we will even be giving away coin codes and memberships only on twitter!

Follow us:

Follow Chrisdog93:

February 27, 2009

Rockhopper Arrives & New Pin!

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Sorry, we have been so busy and that is why there hasn’t been a post in forever! Here are the cheats for today.

Rockhopper arrived with signs of a white puffle.


Those are the items he brought, with one free item.


See the white puffle in the back?


Go to the Iceburg for the new pin of a puffle-o.

Also check out


October 31, 2008

Club Penguin Halloween Party Cheats

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Hey everyone sorry for being late ibeen a bit busy so heres the cheats of this years halloween party just like last years except just the candy is hidden in different spots and new items are out.

Frst of all you can go to the coffee shop then book room and click the green candle then an entrance to the monster maker 3000 (Make sure you have the scientist costume)

In there you can find the lantern free item!

Ok first to go start getting the candy you need a basket if you dont already do from last year at snow forts.

Now for the candy.

You can get the first one at snow forts! Just click the blue flag and then the candy will come up.

You can find the second one by clicking the lamp in the lounge right next to the skeleton.

Third you can find in the lodge attic! Just click the box right next to the ladder.

The fourth you can get at the plaza! All you got to do is click the pot.

For the next one you can get it at the cove! Click the caution no swimming sign then the candy will appear on the top of the hut.

The sixth is found at the ice berg! Click the green mist and you will find the sixth!

The next is at the beacon! You can see it on the light from there ONCE 3 lihtning strikes come.

The last is in the book room!Just put yor cursor over the book at the top and you will get the last.

Now you got all of the candy! Now you can claim the background!

Waddle on


October 17, 2008

Rockhopper Arrives & Much More

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Hey everyone today rockhopper has come back.Here are the items he left!

You can also see a poster in the back of the ship and find rockhoppers to do list!

The furniture catolog cheats are the same as before so check out last months post of the furniture catolog if you want to see the cheats.

Remember check out the CBD youtubes t see the newest upcoming videos!

Rocker 619’s youtube channel

Gator360’s youtube channel

Waddle on


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