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May 30, 2008

Club Penguin New Books & Test Server Items

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Hey guys, Cp has updated a bit today and ill give you all the info on what they updated.

The server test items are finally out! You only get the item if you were on the cpip test servers a few months ago.Its a red hard hat that you can dance with to use a jackhammer.Heres a pic of the item.

Another thing that came out today was the ”Penguin Tales” book in the book room.You can go check it out on the bookshelf.

Heres a quick pic of the cover.

In Other News

The ”Whats the difference” contest is over.For those of you who tried entering heres the answers.

(click for full size)

I will announce the winners later!

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May 29, 2008

New Penguin Times Newspaper & More

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Hey guys, The new penguin times newspaper that was released today did not have to big of an update.They announced the winners of the writing and medieval igloo contest.Heres some of the ye olde igloo contest winners.

Other than the winners of the contests there was a short list of upcoming events this week.They only mentioned 2 wich is unlikely.Heres the upcoming events.

Also keep trying my contest on the post below.You can answer on this post if you would like.Since the contest is indivisual i am moderating the comments.Once the contest is over i wont have to approve them.So try the ”whats the difference” contest below and see if you can find all 28 differences.

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May 28, 2008

Whats The Difference Contest & More

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Hey guys there wasnt really any updates going on today as i told you about the test server items and cp dc 3 yesturday so i decided to have a quick contest to test out how good you guys are.Can you get all 28 missing items in these 2 pics? Comment your answers below and see if you can get all of them.If theres a decent amount of winners there will be a series of new things ill try for contests.Good Luck.
Remember 28 items are changed in these 2 pics.Comment your answers below.
(If you want to see these pics in full view click them.)

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May 27, 2008

Test Server Items Coming & More

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Hey guys! The server test items are coming for the people who participated in the server tests May 30 this friday.Also the other cp update features will be coming over the next few weeks like the inventory update,mail,and login.

Also if you didnt see my new video ”Cp diving contest 3” here it is.I worked really hard and a really long time on it and i think its paid off because all of you seem to like it.

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May 26, 2008

Diving Contest 3 Released & More

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Hey guys! I finally finished cp dc 3.It took forever to save its 9:51 but its worth watching.Check it out.


Hope you like it.
Also cp released a new wallpaper for the medieval party.Check it out.

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May 25, 2008

Diving Contest 3 Update & More

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Hey guys, The cp diving contest 3 video is being delayed from posting.It was supposed to be uploaded today but on my editor i was around the end and sadly it froze and i gotta start all over.So tommorow monday the 26th of may the 1 YEAR of the gator360time youtube cp dc 3 will be uploaded.I know its my best video yet and i worked the hardest on it.Took over a month and alot of people are thinking i quit but i didnt and i wont.GWA has now begun.The age,The ultimate era,The new beginning,My videos will be better than they were before because i been looking up things and ive seen some new programs ill like to use in my future videos.So dont forget tommorow the 1 year of my youtube the cp dc 3 will be uploaded.Heres the final pic of all the people in the video.

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May 23, 2008

Furniture & Puffle Catolog Cheats + New Pin & Free Item

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Hey guys! Cp made a pretty big update today.Theres a new puffle furniture catolog and a igloo furniture catolog also a new free item and pin.Here are the cheats.

They brough back the wizard hat from october 06.You can find it inside the lighthouse.

The new pin is in the boiler room.You will first see this.

Click the bucket and it should appear.

Now for furniture catolog cheats.Click the palm tree in the plants section for the palm tree.

Click the large house plant for the coffee shop tree.

CLick the vase for the plush gray chair.

inflatable dragon in the pink plastic castle.

For the pet catolog theres 1 cheat.The only secret in it is the gray house.Wich you need to click the brown leaf in the bottom right corner of the green houses box.

Hope this helped.Come back soon for the cp dc 3 video.

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May 22, 2008

New Club Penguin Newspaper & More

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Hey guys! This weeks penguin times has just been released.Im going to go over the important information given this week.

Dont forget when tommorows furniture catolog comes out the ye olde igloo contest starts.Heres all the information on it.

Theres a puffle game in this weeks news since cp has been having mini games in the newspaper this week they made a puffle unscrambling game.

(click for full size)

Heres the upcoming events for the next following weeks.Theres a big month coming.

The cp dc 3 should come out today or tommorow because i still have like 3 clips left to do and it will probably take a while to edit so maybe it will come out today.

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May 21, 2008

New Comic & Sneak Peak

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Hey guys! Cp released a new comic today and also a sneak peak for the upcoming furniture catolog this friday.It will have medieval furniture so you can enter the ye olde igloo contest cp is currently having if you dont have items from last year.

Heres the new comic.

(click for full size)

Also heres the sneak peak of the furniture catolog.There will be a new regal chair availible to buy and new banners for the medieval igloo contest.

(click to view full size of the sneak peak)

In Other News

Cp dc should come out today or tommorow! Be ready for one of my best vids.Keep checking my channel for the video release and i will also make a post of it here.

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For the contest winners your prizes will be given soon.

May 19, 2008

Contest Winners & More

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Hey guys! Hope all of you enjoyed the contest i will probably start having contests more often.You can vote if you enjoyed this contest or would like a differant type of contest.Click here to vote.For those of you that missed the contest it was like a race almost to see who could finish.There were 4 people that completed the contest and they will get the prizes wich were:

Buddy add (if you are not my buddy yet),A free 1 year domain for any of your sites,Get a free website hosted by me (not wordpress or any free website company) and it comes with a free domain,A spot in the next edited video like the cp dc or any of the others.

The four winners were:

Bob Jb




Congratulations to all four of them for completing the contest wich confused many people.

In Other News

Cp diving contest 3 is going to get released either tommorow or wednesday.Im trying to make it as good as i can and its coming along great so when its released i will also make a post here.

Come to the GWA bribble and chat with gator360 & Wwe adam and more. Click Here .Also check out the new GWA forums! Click Here.

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